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Did You Know?  9 Cool Facts about Olive Oil
Did You Know? 9 Cool Facts about Olive Oil

Because we live in Canada - not the most ideal climate for growing olives - we don't really inherently know a lot about olives and olive oil. In our stores we talk a lot about the difference between extra virgin olive oil and "just plain" olive oil and, in fact, don't...

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More Than Oil and Vinegar
More Than Oil and Vinegar

It’s a good story. While visiting friends in the Niagara area we stumbled across an olive oil tasting bar and my first thought was, “What are we doing here, tasting olive oil and balsamic vinegar, when we could be at one of so many wineries?” I rolled my eyes and...

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Recipe for Home Cooking
Recipe for Home Cooking

Well before the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns forced people back into their kitchens, studies of home cooking trends demonstrated that this was already beginning to happen around the world. It wasn't just about stay-at-home orders; it was also about people feeling...

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Is Your Olive Oil Organic?
Is Your Olive Oil Organic?

Many consumers want organic products because they offer a certified assurance of freedom from pesticides and the adherence to farming practices that are good for the environment. These are honourable and good reasons to support organic producers, but olives are...

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Here’s What Our Customers Are Saying

Fantastic products. Service is more than expected. I love all of the ones I purchased. I refer to the website for tips, pairings and recipes. Denise is truly in tune with special service. Thank you for an amazing personal experience from my online order.

Angela Barrey

Olive Oil Co has great products for using at home and gift giving. When I make a salad dressing with their Arbequina olive oil and Moscatel red wine vinegar I can immediately notice the fresh taste in the salad. I also like their lemon infused olive oil for sauces and stir frys. I recommend stopping by their store for a taste testing, you won’t regret it!

Andrea Roach

I have ordered the Simple Meal Kit and the Mother’s Day kit for my mom and she has been thrilled with what she received. I’ve also sent kits out as thank you gifts. This team is always awesome to work with and the local products they provide are amazing.

Cheryl Torrie

Absolutely LOVE this place! I’ve been using their products for 4 years now and I can’t get enough. Delicious balsamics and oils that I use nearly every day while cooking meat and veggies and making salad dressings. My favourites are oregano white balsamic, mushroom and sage olive oil and the black truffle oil that is simple to DIE for! I drizzle tha @#^@* on everything! 🙂

Laura Mark

I buy all my balsamic vinegars at Olive Oil Co so I was relieved when I read on their website that they were delivering orders during COVID-19. I was so impressed with their delivery – it came beautifully packaged so I decided to place another order to have delivered to a friend as a gift. The package arrived within a couple days of placing the order. Check out their website and trying something new – I highly recommend the Coconut Balsamic for salads!

Leanne Nelson

I absolutely love this company!! The quality of product is just amazing. I have been purchasing for the last few years and never have had a product that wasn’t the highest quality. I thought I would try something new – Pomegranate Balsamic and this is my new favourite (although the Red Apple Balsamic is so versatile). The next time I order I will be getting two large bottles since I have almost gone through half a bottle in two weeks. Keep up the great products and thank you!

Cheryl McCrady

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