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Delicious. Healthy. Simple.

Barrie Olive Oil is about 4 key principles – our high quality products, unique retail concept, strong relationships in the communities we serve and providing exceptional customer service.

First, we provide our customers with the highest quality olive oil and balsamic in the world for the very best price.

Second, our fresh-pour and taste-before-you-buy concept assures that customers will go home with a product they love. We are generous with our samples and with our advice and we take the time to help every customer with their selections.

Third, we hired and trained a talented, knowledgeable and passionate team of employees ensuring the best possible shopping experience for our customers. Each member of our team brings strength to the business and is passionate about food and the products we sell – all while having FUN at work.

Finally, we develop strong relationships with other local businesses in order to cross-pollinate and collaborate for mutual benefit. We also partner with local charities because being a local business is about getting involved and helping where you can in the community.

With over 50 flavour varieties and thousands of combinations, the choices are endless!

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Premium Extra Virgin and Naturally- Flavoured Oils

Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Our premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the freshest and finest olive oil in the world today. We follow very strict protocols in store. All oil remains in a lightless, moistureless, temperature regulated, air-tight environment until you are ready to take it home.  All oils are First Press/Extraction and Cold Press/Extraction.

All Natural Flavoured Olive Oil.
Our fused olive oils are made by combining olives with an additional fruit at time of crush. Being milled together provides a more complete flavour integration, producing truly beautiful and potent combinations. Our infused oils are a selection of delectable, all natural flavours added to the highest quality extra virgin oils.

Gourmet Olive Oil.
The rich flavours and aromas of these oils are simply unparalleled, so we’ve set them in a class all their own. Used strictly as finishing oils, a few drops is all it takes to completely change the flavour of a dish.

Aged Balsamic Vinegar

Our balsamics are made in the traditional fashion, starting with grape “must” and working their way through a series of wooden barrels in Modena, Italy. Taste our traditional condimento and explore other flavours such as raspberry, cranberry-pear, and coconut.

Our balsamic vinegar, unlike any other on the market, contains absolutely no caramel colouring. Our product is free of artificial colour and flavour. All-Natural, No Added Sugar. Gluten Free, Non-GMO.

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