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We are asked questions every day and these two are the ones most often asked and what you will want to know about the olive oil we sell:

1. Is your olive oil First Press and Cold Pressed?

Every olive oil we sell, whether it’s an extra virgin or a naturally-flavoured oil, is Cold Press/Extraction and First Press/Extraction.

These terms speak to how the olive oil is made: olives are crushed into a paste and the oil is extracted from that paste.   These days many facilities have modernized to use a centrifuge to remove the oil from the olive paste, instead of a traditional press, so we use the term EXTRACTION to apply to both traditional and modern processes.

So here are some definitions that help:
Cold Press/Extraction – Mechanical separation of oil from the fruit/water solids takes place at 50-85 degrees F
First Press/Extraction – The olive paste was only pressed ONCE to remove the oil. (In some facilities hot water is added to the paste after the first press and then the paste is pressed again.)

2. What’s the difference between organic extra virgin olive oil and non-organic extra virgin olive oil?

The simplest answer is that they should be almost the exact same oil.  Because they’re both the olive oil grade Extra Virgin, they both are made from the first press (or extraction) of the olives. They both have the same requirements for acidity, chemical make up and sensory tests, (no defects), that allow them to be called Extra Virgin.

Since the olive tree is largely impervious to bug infestations, most producers don’t need to use pesticides or find it necessary to pay for the organic certification.

What’s the best way to know you are buying premium quality, fresh EVOO?  Come in for a taste!


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