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By Catherine Kenwell

It’s the end of holiday season, and suddenly we realize we overindulged with rich foods, alcohol, copious amounts of sugar and fat…so how do we move forward with healthy choices when January 1 rolls around?

Stats show that the world’s most common resolutions made in any given year (2019 included) are, in order, eating healthier, losing weight, and getting more exercise. Yet those same stats show that a mere 46 per cent—less than half!—follow through with their goals.

Why is it so difficult? One, we’re coming off a sugar and rich foods bender. In other words, we became a little addicted to ‘naughty’ indulgences over the past month, and now we’re hung over. Our cravings are out of whack. So while we desire delicious, we’re having difficulty remembering that until the holidays hit, many of us found healthy greens, simple recipes, and lean meals delicious indeed.

Good thing there’s Olive Oil Co. Barrie and Newmarket!  We make getting back on track delicious, healthy and simple. A quick visit to our website provides hundreds of recipes that fit into a very healthy lifestyle. From roasted vegetables and lean-meat marinades to hearty, healthy soups, there’s something for everyone. And the mouth-watering ingredients can help reset your cravings to more healthy choices.

One of our most popular items in store during the gift-giving season (and all year round) is our selection of 60-ml two-packs. When you’re looking for delicious, healthy and simple, these little gems have you covered. Each pack contains a wonderfully compatible duo—one infused olive oil plus one balsamic—that will tempt your taste buds and perhaps even encourage you to indulge in a wintery salad or two!

In combinations such as Garlic and Italian Fig, Basil and Strawberry, Tuscan Herb and Traditional, and Persian Lime and Cranberry Pear, you’re sure to discover one or two to experiment with. The great thing about these portable packs is that you can stash them in your desk at work, or carry them in your lunch or tote bag for a quick, delicious meal on the go.

Using them is simple—for a salad, simply add an equal amount of oil and balsamic to your greens or grains. Yes, it’s really that easy.

I recommend Persian Lime and Cranberry Pear for a rice, lentil or grains salad. Chop up a couple of dried apricots, add some sliced almonds, chopped green onions, perhaps some dried cranberries, and you’re good to go!

If your lunch or dinner features a bitter greens salad (think arugula or kale), try Garlic and Italian Fig, and add some roasted garlic, sundried tomatoes, goat cheese or feta, perhaps some leftover chicken breast, and dig in. Your taste buds won’t miss the sugary excesses of December!

As always, we can help you put together some meals to get you back on track. Check out our website at for ideas or drop in to one of our locations and taste some new favorites.

And Happy New Year from OLIVE US at Olive Oil Co. in Barrie and Newmarket!

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