Olive oil—or olive juice?

By Catherine Kenwell

Think of orange juice. Freshly squeezed, right? Fresh, unadulterated, nothing-but-the-fruit not only tastes the best but is the best for our health. The best, most juicy, most perfectly ripe oranges will garner the best end product.

Now apply that thinking to olives. Freshly pressed, right? Fresh, unadulterated, nothing-but-the-fruit not only tastes the best but is best for our health!

Olive oil might be better thought of as olive juice, because after all, olives are fruit! Extra-virgin olive oil (EVOO) would be comparable to juice you squeezed yourself, using plump, perfectly ripe oranges you just picked from the orange grove.

Whether we’re talking oranges or olives, we likely wouldn’t enjoy juice made from fruit that was over-ripe, had fallen off trees, or had been picked and left sitting for days. Fruits and fruit trees need tender nurturing, harvesting and after-picking care.

And of course, unprocessed is the best, in both orange juice and olive ‘juice’. Processed olive oils are cleaned with chemicals and then heated. While this processing increases shelf life, it decreases the nutrient value of the oil—and also strips the oil of much of its flavour. If the big-brand olive oil in your kitchen cupboard tastes musty, metallic or like nothing at all, it’s likely been over-processed or it’s old.

When you walk into Barrie Olive Oil and peruse our EVOO section, you’ll see the crush date on each of our featured products. Often customers come in and ask for the EVOO they had the last time—only to be disappointed that it’s no longer in stock. That’s not a bad thing! The reason for that? Our EVOOs are produced fresh and in limited qualities—so once they’re gone, they’re gone! The good news is, any one of our team can recommend another beautiful EVOO based on the flavour profile of your previous choice.

So when you sample our extra-virgin olive ‘juice’, we can tell you—and guarantee—that our product is made from perfectly fresh, firm fruit that is crushed within hours of being on the tree. Let’s toast to delicious, healthy and simple olive ‘juice’!


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