By Catherine Kenwell

We fresh fill them, you use them, you wash and dry them and we refill them…at Barrie Olive Oil, what’s not to love about our bottles?!

There’s a message in our bottles, and that message is an environmental one.

Barrie Olive Oil Co. has a bottle refill program—bring your bottles back clean and dry and we’ll refill them for a dollar off our regular price. We love to see our customers walk in the door with their freshly cleaned bottles. It means we are working together towards perhaps the most important tenet of the three environmental “R”s—reuse!

But sometimes folks return their bottles without thoroughly cleaning and drying them, and that’s a problem. To ensure the integrity (and to avoid contamination) of our pure and delicious products, returned bottles must contain neither water (including condensation) nor remnants of product. We want to send you home with a perfect bottle of olive oil or balsamic to enjoy!

Oh, and did I mention (or let me remind you!) that you receive a dollar off our regular price when you refill a bottle?

Customers do tell us that cleaning and drying the bottles can be a challenge, so here are some tried-and-true tips to cleaning (especially the rather pesky oil bottles):

Our bottles are dishwasher-safe, so you can place them in the top rack. If you find that they are still oily after running them through the cycle, follow the instructions below.

Add a couple of squirts of dish detergent to the bottle. Fill with hot water. Allow to sit for a day or so. Shake the bottle (with your thumb over the opening!), rinse with hot water, and turn the bottle upside down in your dish rack.

Use a bottle brush. They really scour the inside of those oily bottles and help to get them sparkling clean!

Leave the bottle to dry for a couple of days. If you’re in a hurry or unsure that the bottle is dry inside, roll up a paper towel and insert it, leaving the tip of the paper towel like a candle wick so that you can pull it out.

You likely won’t have a challenge with the balsamic bottles, but they, too, need to be clean and dry for us to refill.

Don’t worry about the cork! We replace the cork with each refill. If you use a non-drip or self-closing spout, you can wash and reuse them as well.

Happy refilling, and thanks for joining us in our environmental efforts!

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