We Love It When Our Customers Run the Show!
By Catherine Kenwell

At Barrie Olive Oil Co, we work hard to educate ourselves, not only on our products but on cooking and healthy eating. We know our products are delicious, healthy and simple, and we are passionate about sharing that knowledge and its applications to our customers.

But regularly, our customers will take the spotlight on the education front. We love that our customers know so much about food, cooking, health and our products! Here’s a couple of examples:

One day, a regular customer (and avid cyclist) hopped off his bike in front of our Dunlop Street store. I was in our shop doorway, offering balsamic samples to passersby. Our customer was heading in for a coffee next door, but before he walked away, he came over to me and exclaimed, “Persian Lime olive oil is the best! I’ve been pouring it into my cooked brown basmati. That’s all I do to it—the oil and the rice—and it’s so delicious it’s become a staple in our household!”

I thanked him and said I’d share his comments, thinking to myself, here’s this super-healthy, super-fit older gentleman…subscribing to our mantra of ‘delicious, healthy, simple’! Wow!

On the same day, I was filling a bottle when a new and somewhat overwhelmed customer asked me, “Why do you have so many extra-virgin olive oils?”

Before I could answer, one of our regulars popped up and explained, “Because they all taste different! You have to try them. They’re from different olives and different countries. Some are mild and some are really strong—they’ll make you cough!” Without delay, she walked over to the Koroneiki EVOO and poured a small sample for the newbie. “Here, try this one, it’s my favourite right now!”

It’s moments like these that remind us that while there’s science to support the health benefits of our products, we really love it when our customers run the show—because as much as we tout the science (and we’re proud of it), it comes down to what our friends and families want on their palates and their plates.

Proof that what we do is truly “delicious, healthy and simple”.

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