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By Catherine Kenwell

Many folks come into Olive Oil Co in Barrie and Newmarket with a great idea—to buy the perfect gift for someone who loves to cook. Often, they don’t know where to start—especially if they’ve never visited us before. We love to be able to help by offering suggestions, but our support doesn’t stop there!

If you drop by to pick out a gift, we’ll ask you questions—like, what does your ‘person’ like to eat, do they enjoy spicy foods, or do they prefer sweet, fruity flavors? We can start making recommendations, and we’ll ask you to sample some flavored oils and balsamics so that together we can begin narrowing your selection.

We’ll also try to determine your ‘person’s’ cooking style—do they have lots of time to simmer and sautee, or are they always trying to rush meals between work and school and hockey practice? Once we get a sense of your ‘person’s’ food prep habits, we can offer some simple uses and recipes that will fit their lifestyle and excite their palate.

When our customers mention they’re taking a host gift of wine and bread to share with their ‘people’, we can recommend a classic bread dipping oil and balsamic. My recommendation is usually Tuscan Herb olive oil and Traditional dark balsamic, because they go with absolutely everything you might serve with wine and cheese. A bottle of each is a perfect gift for an evening in with friends. It’s our most popular oil and balsamic combination for a reason!

We’ll hear our customers give us clues—like, “my friend loves salads!” or “my father-in-law is a BBQ king!”, and yes, we have a gift for that. Our Salad Lovers or Natural Born Grillers six-packs offer a variety of tried-and-true combinations that are ready for greens or grills. We treat those six-packs like chemistry sets—you can mix and match and experiment to your heart’s content.

If you know your ‘person’ has an adventurous palate, we can spice up a gift by including a fiery olive oil like Harissa or an exotic Black Truffle balsamic vinegar.

Once you’re confident you’ve chosen the perfect gift, we can ‘gift it up’ with bright tissue and ribbons, or we can prepare a custom gift basket for you. If you really can’t make a decision, we have gift baskets ready for taking home. You can choose the one you’d like, or if you don’t want to leave anything to chance, we have really pretty gift certificates available for any denomination. We already know your gift tastes great, and we want it to look great too!

And you know what? It still doesn’t end there! We have recipe cards and simple uses information that we’ll include with your gift. It’s perfect gift-giving made, well…perfect! And when your ‘person’ receives their lovely gift, they can visit our website for hundreds of recipes that illustrate the diversity of each of our olive oils and balsamics.

Our products are delicious, healthy, and simple to use, and we’ll send you home with lots of ideas on how to include them in all your meals. Goodness knows, our customers will often come in for a gift for their ‘person’ and end up taking home an additional gift for themselves.

All in all, we make picking the perfect gift, well…perfectly delicious, healthy and simple!

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