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Quality Matters


Whether you are interested in using an oil or a balsamic or a pairing of them, quality matters.

Olive Oil
Although an olive oil may be labelled “Extra Virgin”, there is a chance that the contents may not be what they claim. A study by UC Davis found that 69% of products labelled extra virgin did not meet the minimum requirements to be labelled as such. For those seeking the health benefits found in a good quality, fresh extra virgin olive oil, this misrepresentation is troubling.

So as consumers, how do we know if we are selecting a quality product? In addition to crush dates, ask for chemistry and it’s always a good idea to sample the oil before you buy it. This is far more important than an abitrary “best before” date. Chemistry will speak to the condition of the fruit, production methods, storage and age of an oil.  Olive oil needs to be consumed while it is still fresh for you to realize the many health benefits.  If it sits on a shelf for too long, it may have gone “off” or rancid and as a result will be flavourless and stale.

Balsamic Vinegar
Our Balsamic is made in the traditional fashion in Modena, Italy, starting with grape “must” and working it’s way through a series of wooden barrels. Unlike most others on the market, our balsamic contains absolutely no caramel colouring and is free of artificial colour and flavour. No Added Sugar. Gluten Free. Non-GMO, and Premium quality.

All of your selections are poured and bottled fresh in our shop for you to take home and enjoy.

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Fresh Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our premium Extra Virgin olive oil is the freshest and finest olive oil in the world today. We follow very strict protocols in store, and do not pre-bottle extra virgin oils for any reason.The chemistry is always available and we are pleased to explain the difference between our oils and other brands.All oil remains in a lightless, moistureless, temperature regulated, air-tight environment until you are ready to take it home to enjoy!
Our oils, depending on the time of year, are imported primarily from Italy, Spain, Greece, France, Portugal, Australia, South Africa, Chile,  and Argentina.

Naturally Flavoured Olive Oil

Our naturally-flavoured olive oils are made by combining olives with an additional fruit at the time of crush or by infusing natural flavours into extra virgin olive oil.
You will be impressed by the complete flavour integration that produces truly beautiful and potent combinations.

Gourmet & Specialty Oil

The rich flavours and aromas of these oils are simply unparalleled, so we’ve set them in a class all their own. Used mainly as finishing oils, a few drops is all it takes to completely change the flavour of a dish.
White Truffle Oil.  Black Truffle Oil.  Sesame Oil. Butternut Squash Seed Oil.

Avocado Oil is also sold in-store.  Avocado oil is a great tool for cooking flavourful and healthy meals. It’s an excellent source of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins.

Dark Balsamic Vinegar

Our dark balsamic vinegar from Modena, Italy comes from a recipe that dates back to ancient Roman times. Instead of using wine, like other Italian vinegars, our product is obtained by using the cooked juice of the grape, known as grape “must.”  The resulting balsamic is naturally set, thick and deeply flavourful.

Aged up to 12-18 years in wooden barrels. All natural.  Gluten free.  No caramel colour. No added sugar.

Estilo Affinato di Modena is also sold in-store.  This dark balsamic Vinegar condiments has the highest density of any vinegar we carry, possessing a balance of sweet and sour with perfect harmony and texture.

White, Rose & Whole Fruit Balsamic Vinegar

Years ago, chefs began searching for a product with the same characteristics of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, but without the same dark colour in order not to discolour the presentation of certain salads or prepared dishes.

White and Rose Balsamic Condiment, while similar to dark balsamic, has different characteristics. Generally the taste is fruiter and sharper, but less bodied and woody.  Primarily the grapes used are Pinot Grigio and Pinot Noir.

Whole Fruit Balsamic Vinegar condimento has been developed by our partner in Modena, Italy.  The high fruit content, mild acidity, and intense aromas are the signature of our 100% fruit-infused balsamic vinegars.  The base can either be dark, white or rose balsamic.

Aged 3-5 years in wooden barrels. All natural.  Gluten free.  No caramel colour. No added sugar.

Moscatel Red Wine Vinegar and Apple Cider Vinegar are also sold in-store.

Gift Options

Fill all your house-warming, deal-closing, wedding, birthday, anniversary, valentine, hostess and special occasion gift needs!
From large custom baskets to small sampler bottles, we have gifts for every occasion, including corporate gifts and offer a wide selection of gourmet foods that you can’t find just anywhere.
For large/custom orders, (baskets, bulk orders, party & wedding favours), please order in advance.
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Looking for a tasteful thank you gift for your guests? You pick the pairing and we’ll do the personalized packaging.
We can also provide oil and balsamic for your dinner tables.
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