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Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil


When choosing an extra virgin olive oil for use in recipes, it’s always best to choose based on taste and freshness.  Please browse our current selection to find something best suited for the recipe you have in mind.  We classify EVOO as Mild, Medium or Robust.


Product Description


Phenolic content decreases over time and is an indicator of freshness, with higher amounts improving shelf-life and oxidative stability.  Should be greater than 130
FFA: An elevated level of FFA can indicate poor quality or mishandled fruit, too much time between harvesting and extraction, poor storage and/or high temperature during extraction.Should be less than 0.3
Oleic Acid:
Higher oleic acid monounsaturated fat content translates to increased durability and shelf-life. Should be greater than 65
Primary measurement of rancidity in oil. Higher peroxide levels indicate oxidized and/or poor quality oil & give an idea of the freshness & storage conditions.  Should be less than 9
The ratio of 1,2-diacylglycerols to the Total diacylglycerols are a useful indicator of fruit quality and acts as a snapshot of olive oil freshness. Low values can also indicate oxidized oil & sensory defects. Should be greater than 90
The ratio of pyropheophytins to the total pheophytins is useful for distinguishing fresh olive oil from soft column refined, deodorized, or backblended oils.  Should be less than 5


Simple Uses

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