Three Choices for a Taste Experience you will Never Forget!

1. Drop-In Casual Tasting

You are invited to visit any of our three shops to taste our oils and balsamic vinegars
during normal business hours without an appointment!

2. RESERVE a Private Experience for Your Group!

If you have the time and are eager to explore more deeply, consider booking or joining one of our PRIVATE Experiences.  We give your group private access to our staff and our shops and provide everyone with the chance to sample our products with food – and it’s FUN!  Participate in an expanded tasting of oils and vinegars with a trained taster.  Discover new ways to pair olive oil and vinegars with food.

90 Minutes. Includes salad, dessert and guided tasting.
Only $15 per person. Add a Protein to your salad or Charcuterie Platter for additional cost.  Deposits are non-refundable.
Call 705.792.0300 to reserve your date.  Minimum 10 participants for this 90-minute experience.

We can also accommodate under 10 people for 30-minute guided experiences for EVOO and Balsamic Tastings.
Includes food samples and pairing suggestions. Cost is $5 per person during normal business hours.  
Date, time and store location must be booked in advance.

Watch This Video:

3. Join us at Kitchen & Co in Newmarket!

Interactive Tasting Experience and Challenge
Call us with a date and time you have in mind for your group!

This interactive tasting event gives you the chance to sample Olive Oil Co. products with food while learning – and it’s FUN! Owner & Founder Denise Tucker will guide you through an EVOO taste experience of their premium, fresh extra virgin oil, (just like the professionals), as well as a tasting of the finest balsamic. Following the tastings, you will be served a salad, fresh fruit and a dessert cake, and we will help you to discover pairings and flavour layers. To enhance your food portfolio, you will then taste Olive Oil Co.’s infused gourmet olive oil along with their rich and intense balsamics.

There is a competitive component where you (in pairs) will be challenged to invent your own salad dressing to be judged.
The chosen team with the winning combination receives a special prize!

Olive Oil, Balsamic and Food Tasting Experience;
All Ingredients Needed for the Challenge;
Each Guest will Receive a Complimentary 60ml Bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil;
Receive an Exclusive Discount Coupon Good for Same Day Purchases at Newmarket Olive Oil Co.

Only $15 per person.  Call us at 905.235.7645 to book your date!

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Experience a different night out

Request a Date for your Private Tasting

We can accommodate the timing that best suits you, at either our Downtown or South Barrie Location

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